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Photographing Newborn Twins and Multiples: A Guide for Baltimore Parents

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As a Baltimore newborn photographer specializing in photographing newborn twins and multiples, I often receive questions from parents about how to prepare for their session. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you plan your session:

  • How old should my babies be for a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are typically best scheduled within the first 5-14 days of life when babies are still sleepy and flexible. This is also the time when they have the most adorable newborn features, such as tiny fingers and toes, and flaky skin. For multiples, or other babies born premature, often we use the adjusted age or when baby is out of the nicu to schedule a session.

  • What should I bring to the session?

Our all-inclusive studio has everything we need for baby. We have matching and coordinating outfits too! Families bring a diaper bag, pacifier, and a bottle of milk or formula to help soothe your babies during the session.

  • How long will the session take?

Newborn sessions typically last around 2-3 hours. I take my time to capture a variety of poses and setups, ensuring that we capture all of your babies' cuteness.

  • What should I expect during the session?

During the session, I will focus on capturing a variety of poses and setups, both individual and group shots of your babies. We will also do family photos with parents, siblings, grandparents and whomever else you have chosen for the session.

  • How can I book a session?

To book a session, please contact me through my website or by phone. I recommend booking your session as early as possible to secure your spot.

Book Your Newborn Twins or Multiples Session Today

I am passionate about capturing the precious moments of your newborn twins or multiples. Contact me today to book your session and create beautiful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

baltimore newborn twin session, newborn twin photos Maryland, baby photographer near me


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