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Styling Your Family for Newborn Session

For newborn sessions, I suggest neutrals or light solid colors without splashy patterns or logos.

Here are some tips for styling:

TIP #1 Mom choose your outfit first. After baby we want you to feel your best. Popular choices are a flowy dress or top/cardigan/ and bottoms option. Often moms feel most comfortable in a favorite maternity dress.

TIP #2 Choose coordinating outfits for everyone else. Coordinating and not matching. Do you have a family photo with matching jeans and white t-shirts from your childhood? You must have grown up in the 90's! The matchy-patchy vibe is a bit overkill now, while I certainly was cool back then! Instead, pick colors and tones that coordinate and complement one another. Try to stick to a certain theme (like neutrals, cool tones, or grays and whites), but don’t overthink it.

TIP #3 Add some texture! Add some texture to outfits with similar colors to add interest. For fall and winter, think about a knit dress mom, a corduroy jumper for sister and dad in a henley and jeans. Summer textures are gauzy, open knits, and linen textures.


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