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Model Release Contract

Please read the contract  and complete the form below

By typing my name below, I confirm that I have read and agree to all of the terms listed in this document.

The client understands that the Model Call session will take place at my in-home studio in Baltimore, MD on the agreed upon date and time.
The Client will arrive at the studio with their hair styled and neutral makeup applied.


1.The Photographer will deliver three (3) images to the Client within twenty one (21) days of the session. The images will be provided via a private online gallery. Additional photos may be provided in a marked proofs gallery. The photos in the proofs gallery can be purchased by the client if she chooses.

Model Release, Images, Copyright

2.This contract establishes an assignment for portraiture services. This includes the taking of pictures as agreed upon between both parties: The Photographer and the Client. I, the Client, understand that all rights to images shall remain the property of the Photographer, and may be used on blogs, for marketing/advertising purposes, Facebook, Instagram, website or any other purpose necessary to the Photographer. Clients may not crop, edit, or alter the images in any way without prior consent from the Photographer. Edits made to images represent the Photographer as an artist and their talents. 

Artistic Rights

3.   Post-production (editing) of all images is at the sole discretion of the. The number of images the Client will receive for a Model Call Session is three (3). The Client acknowledges that they have selected the Photographer for her photographic and editing style, that her style will be reflected in the final outcome, whether in color or black & white. It is understood that the Photographer is hired for her artistic eye, skill, experience, and good judgment. Basic and necessary touch-ups will be performed at the discretion of the Photographer. All edits are final and may not be modified by the Client, another photographer, or anyone else. 

4.The model call session is a time for The Photographer to execute her vision for studio newborn sessions. She is not bound or committed to a specific shot and does not guarantee specific images. It is understood that the Photographer will do her best to capture the session as it happens, and cannot be held responsible for the behavior of the subjects, equipment malfunction, or any other situations out of her control. Elisheva Kutner Photography may capture many shots during your session, however the Client will only see those images carefully selected by the Photographer in the gallery.

Image Gallery &Prints

5.  The Photographer will deliver the images to the Client approximately two to three (2-3) weeks after completing a session. The Photographer will deliver these images via a private online gallery. It is the Client’s responsibility for the quality, reproduction, and storage of images, and releases the Photographer of that liability. Elisheva Kutner Photography is not responsible for personal printing through third party labs and can only ensure accuracy on products printed directly through the Photographer. 

Social Media

6. The Client may share any and all web, blog post links, or albums through the share functions and dissemination of direct links. The Client is free to share images downloaded from their gallery. Clients shall not copy, screenshot, or capture the images in any other form. The Client shall identify “Elisheva Kutner Photography” in the caption of all of the photographs updated to social media platforms and profiles. 

Print Release

7. The print release that is included in the digital collection is for personal use only. The client must act in accordance with this release. The Client shall not make or provide authorization to a third-party to make productions of the images. The images may not be submitted for publication of any kind, contests, or for monetary gain without the written permission of the Photographer. 

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